Premiere: OPAL Provides a Bouncy Anthem About Moving Forward on "Hopscotch"

The Virginia-based artist delivers a fun single about progression.

opal press 2018

Image via Chris Spivey

opal press 2018

Since my first introduction to Virginia-based artist OPAL in 2016, it was clear that she was determined to carve out a lane specifically for herself. And so far, she seems to be doing just that by continuing to design her own clothes from scratch, create music that cannot be easily defined, as well as drawing the original artwork for her singles herself. Today OPAL returns with a new single that will soon be an anthem for go-getters just like her.

Right on the heels of having her single "Coco Miyaki" featured on an episode of the latest season of Insecure, OPAL returns with an instantly catchy new single titled "Hopscotch." Thanks to production from Free Diesel and a final mix by Mister Neek, OPAL's new single feels enticing and offers the floor to double-dutch between some quick, cutthroat bars and mesmerizing harmonies.

OPAL's new single "Hopscotch" gives some depth to a sweet childhood memory. "'Hopscotch'" is about progression and remembering to always move forward," she explains. "The game is symbolic to life, you never know where the ball is going to land and no matter how tricky the course may be, you still have to get to the same goal. Forward trajectory is key. Obstacles should never get you down, they’ll only make you stronger as you continue to hop through the course of life."

Listen to "Hopscotch" below.

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