Premiere: Elujay Shows His Appreciation on Groovy Single "Little Thangs"

The Oakland native delivers a feel-good single to show he cares.

elujay little thangs

Image via Elujay

elujay little thangs

Oakland's Elujay has made a pretty good track record of delivering singles that feel like a sunny day every time. Perhaps that's just the result of his surroundings, his own personality, or both—either way, the outcome is always something sure to make listeners feel good. And today Elujay returns with another upbeat offering.

On his new single "Little Thangs," Elujay is aiming to make one special person in particular have a great day by listing all the little things that he appreciations about them. The result is a sweet ode that anyone can send to someone they want to show their own appreciation for, as well as a feel-good track to dance along to. 

"What inspired the record was Stevie Wonder," Elujay begins to explain about how his new single came to life. "I was very inspired by this morning groove I had in my head and I asked [my homie] Dylan to make something groovy and within 40 minutes the beat was done and 20 minutes later I laid down this falsetto hook that I knew instantly would be a catchy tune. I left the hook on his computer and all throughout the day the hook played back in my head."

Elujay's latest song extends the feeling of summer just a little longer, and gives us a kick start to our weekend. "I’ve always wanted to make a groovy song with analog bass and funky synths and what not," he continues. "I was very inspired by Donald Glover’s new song called Saturday which he debut on SNL in June. I thought it reminded me of a Michael Jackson song. I wanted to make something with a fire hook and fire pre-hook."

Listen to "Little Thangs" below.

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