Nearly a month after saying he was committed to mentoring DaBaby, 50 Cent appears to be sticking by the North Carolina rapper’s side.

During an appearance on E!’s Nightly Pop, Fif revealed that he expects DaBaby to bounce back from the recent scandal brought on by his homophobic remarks last month.

“He is a really talented, special artist, right?” 50 Cent began. “And he just transitioned from being in that pool that everyone’s in as a Rap artist. Like, they didn’t notify him that he’s turning into a superstar.”

“There’s nobody that tells you, ‘Now, you’re held to these standards’ that are mainstream standards that you can’t say things and you can’t do these different things,” the hip-hop mogul continued. “He didn’t have a publicist involved and this is why the response took so long. Even his apology, the first apology attempt at it, was what made it worse. You know what it is? When a person makes a general statement, ‘cause he made a general statement on stage, he’s not directing that to any individual, but what happens is he’s still new and he’s being attacked by individuals.”

“He’s only two years into his career. There’s no artist development. There’s no strong A&R in this. There’s definitely no media training,” 50 Cent added, before admitting that he is confident that DaBaby can “bounce back” from the scandal: “Remember they tried to cancel Chris Brown five or six times.”