21 Savage and Wack 100 got into a heated exchange on Clubhouse over the weekend after the latter accused the former of being an informant in YSL’s RICO case.

During a Clubhouse session on Saturday, Wack 100 suggested that 21 snitched on Young Thug, who remains behind bars on racketeering and gang-related charges stemming from a 56-count indictment filed against YSL in May.

“21 Savage, I think he’s telling to try to keep his citizenship, because what happened to the citizenship case– it just went away,” Wack shared. 

Shortly after Wack’s comments started circulating on social media, 21 Savage hopped on the music manager’s Clubhouse session to confront him about his claims.

“There be a lot of shit going on, and I don’t speak on it,” 21 told Wack. “I done seen you go through real-life shit and I don’t speak on it, I don’t make fun of it, I don’t speculate about it. Just give me the same respect, gang!”

When Wack asked 21 what he was referring to, the Atlanta rapper clarified: “You calling me a snitch, man! Bruh, you on the internet saying you think I’m an informant, gang. Come on, man!”

According to Wack, the District Attorney in Fulton County, Georgia, claims a prominent rapper has been sharing information with authorities relating to YSL’s RICO case. 

“A [district attorney] in Atlanta said it’s a well-known rapper who’s telling. You’ve got a threat of getting sent out the country because you ain’t a real citizen… we’re trying to figure it out,” he explained.

After arguing back and forth for a few more minutes, Wack asked 21 if he snitched on Thug. “Did you give up Thug or nah? What’s going on? Thug bought you a brand new truck.”

Savage subsequently left the chat, saying, “You’re trying to use me for content; I’m gone.”

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