World's Fair rapper Remy Banks has returned with his new mixtape The Phantom of Paradise.

Featuring appearances from Wiki, Rome Streetz, eXquire, Pink Siifu, and Maxo among others, the tape has been released through Bandcamp. With a throwback New York vibe, production on Phantom is handled by the likes of Black Noise and Samiyam, while A-Trak also shows up to provide scratches on "Triboro."

The release follows Did This in Detroit, a self-released EP Remy Banks dropped in 2019.

As part of the Queens collective World's Fair, Remy has maintained a steady drip-feed release schedule for the last few years. What little material he has dropped in recent times, however, he's certainly made count.

Upon sharing The Phantom of Paradise, he also detailed who worked on each track of the mixtape in a tweet listing the credits.

Check out The Phantom of Paradise above, or purchase it here. You can also check out the REVENXNT-directed video for "beef & broc." below.