Featuring: Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver
Producers: Kanye West, Mike Dean, Plain Pat

With an all-star lineup of Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver, this song was too big to fail. It kicks off with Rick Ross delivering a short haiku about being a “fat motherfucker” who sucks other people’s blood. Then he passes it off to Kanye, who delivers one of his most fun verses on the album. From burying vaginas in an ancient sarcophagus, to women earning their swallowships in his class, ’Ye had a wildly entertaining outing. Then Jay-Z took the title very literally and rapped about every monster he could think of. It’s funny to think about Jay binged-watching horror films (or diving deep on IMDB) before penning his verse. Lastly, you have one of the best verses on the album from Nicki Minaj, which showed many people that she was a star. Her powerful vocal delivery, multi-level inflections, ability to switch personalities mid-verse, and top-notch lyricism deservedly put her in a different stratosphere after this dropped. —Eric Wells