J. Prince Speaks on Past Disagreement With YoungBoy Never Broke Again

J. Prince opened up about his disagreement with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, which stemmed from Prince helping the artist retrieve some items that were stolen.

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J. Prince and YoungBoy Never Broke Again went back and forth this summer after Prince helped the rapper retrieve some items that were stolen from his house.

Prince announced through an Instagram video that he had helped YoungBoy out, which the rapper didn’t appreciate, telling Prince, “It's plenty ways to get in touch with me.” Prince later responded, calling him “Dumb Boy” and “disrespectful.”

In a new interview with Ebro in the Morning, J. Prince discussed why he even chose to publicly address YoungBoy.

“Since then, the lil homie reached out to me and we had a conversation,” Prince explains. “It was a disconnect, come to find out. I had spoke to his brother and I had an understanding and he told me he didn’t have the same understanding with his brother. We agreed to disagree. Ultimately, we agree and it’s all good. It’s all good moving forward. I think I said it best when I made a statement: I don’t wanna be his friend or his enemy, so it’s all good with me as of today.”

Ebro also asked Prince what his intention was for calling out YoungBoy this summer, since Prince usually keeps a low public profile.

“Definitely, I want them to learn and I want them to know,” Prince says. “Publicly on the social media thing, there’s a new method of communicating with the young—and it’s important to communicate with the young, not only for myself but for others. I don’t like disconnects where beef is concerned. So when you see me speak public, normally it’s out of love. I’m trying to calm the storm before things take off in a different direction. That was my meaning behind it—just to let one know my position and where I stood.”

In June, Prince announced with an IG video that he had received a call from the people who burglarized YoungBoy's home. The record executive explained that he got the keys back to the artist's Rolls Royce and McLaren.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again responded on social media, saying, “Man, don't get on no internet and do naan publicly. Don't do naan dealin' with no fuckin' publicity. None of that pussy ass shit. I'm good on them keys, gangsta. When you buy that shit cash, two keys come with the car anyways. Mind your fuckin' business, mane.”

In addition to calling YoungBoy dumb, Prince told the rapper, “By the way, I'm minding my business. You just too dumb to know Texas is my business and I will give you whatever you ask for. Good or bad.”

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