It's official. Billie Eilish has hopped on the TikTok train.

Since joining the video-sharing platform earlier this week, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter has posted two videos that have collectively garnered more than 100 million plays. The first clip, shared two days ago, shows Eilish using the Time Warp scan filter to distort her face and give the appearance of a comically large nose. Eilish was clearly amused by the results, as she's seen bursting into laughter after seeing herself with the enlarged nostrils.

The quality content didn't end there. Eilish's second video begins with her recalling the time she stuck an ukulele head inside her mouth, and then asking her viewers, "Should we see if I can do it again? I very much doubt it, but I shall try."

The clip then cuts to the singer pulling off the feat with a complete deadpan look.

But the most talked-about element of Eilish's new TikTok account isn't the videos themselves; it's the handle. Though the name on the profile is listed as "Tik Toker," the account's url/username is @CoochieDestroyer5. It's an unconventional choice, but also very on brand.

You can read some of the reaction's to Eilish's TikTok account, which has yet to be verified, below.