Early next year, mononymous singer-songwriter Julietta will release her new EP, Levitate. The new collection was born from her experiences in lockdown, going stir crazy and longing for something, anything that lay beyond the confines of her home. Ahead of the EP's release in February, she's just liberated one of the key singles, "Ghosted For The Beach".

Armed with an effervescent disco beat and some soaring melodies, Julietta's vocals swoop and soar in the breeze. As much as the EP explores escapism in a literal sense, "Ghosted For The Beach" is more concerned with escaping societal pressure as well as everyone and everything that's holding her back from what she really wants out of life.

"Sometimes I wake up not wanting to tell a story that's my own but just fantasize about one that isn't," Julietta says of the track. "This story is a fantasy. My fantasy. Running away and not having other opinions get in the way. I am always trying to do what's right and please people and make sure they are happy. This song is about not doing that but instead breaking those chains and leaving the hands that hold me down behind."

"Ghosted For The Beach" is taken from Julietta's forthcoming Levitate EP, due February 5.

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