Fivio Foreign Connects With Polo G and Kenny Beats on New Track "Bop It"

The rapper also released a dance tutorial video for "Bop It," which was inspired by the classic kids toy of the same name.

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Fivio Foreign may have started the next viral dance craze.

At midnight Friday, the Brooklyn rapper released his Kenny Beats-produced single "Bop It," featuring Chicago MC Polo G. The track was heavily inspired by the Hasbro audio game of the same name, as it begins with the familiar commands, "bop it," "twist it," and "pull it." Here's a little reminder for those who can't recall the game:

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In support of the release, Fivio Foreign dropped a quick dance tutorial, led by TDott Woo, for the single. And luckily for TikTokers, the instructions are relatively simple.

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"Bop It" comes more than a month after Fivio Foreign unleashed his "13 Going On 30" track.

Take a listen to "Bop It" below via Spotify or over on Apple Music. Fivio also released the music video for the track, which you can check out up top. 

The rapper is now reportedly working on B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), which will mark his first full-length release since April's 800 B.C. He has yet to announce the project's release date.

"I hope next to have a No. 1 album. I wanna have a No. 1 album next. That’s what I hope for," he said in his XXL Freshman 2020 interview. "I need Grammys. I want my music in movies. And then after that, I wanna be able to open the door and be able to put artists on ... I feel like I'm pushing the culture right now—Brooklyn drill—because we bringing it to everybody faces. We showing them where we from, we showing them how we live and we going viral. We having fun, we dancing, we doin’ it for the kids. We going viral."

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