Despite no one asking for this, and despite the overwhelming sense that the world is aching to move on from acknowledging the existence of such things at all, Kanye West and Nick Cannon have still decided to share part 2 of their apparently quite long interview.

In under four minutes, this part of the discussion turns to matters of Trump.

When addressing his friendship with Jared Kushner, West attempted to rationalize it by also claiming that he tried to meet with Bernie Sanders, who declined to do so. He also claimed to have a desire to meet with Joe Biden, though it's hard to fathom what could be gained from such a meeting. Meeting "with anybody," West further argued, is akin to the behavior of biblical character Jesus Christ.

"I'm fine to meet with Biden," West said. "I would meet with anybody. I love everybody. Jesus loves everybody."

Shortly after the Jesus comparison, West—who was seen in Georgia over the weekend doing some kind of "walk on water" stunt with televangelist Joel Osteen—reiterated the same sentiment from a more personal angle.

"I can meet with whoever I want," he said. "You know why? Because I'm free."

From there, West—as previously reported by way of teaser clips from the interview shared by Cannon—briefly addressed being "in cahoots" with Republicans.

"Can't nobody pay me … I got more money than Trump," West alleged, as previously reported.

Moving back to the Kushner topic, West alleged that he and the Trump advisor were discussing PowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America by Claud Anderson.

"But I don't care if we talked and just got some ice cream," West said. "I can get ice cream. That's what I'm saying I don't have to justify none of my actions, period … What has Biden done for me that's so special to make me vote for this man?"

About 10 minutes in, Cannon asked if becoming POTUS—which is mathematically impossible for West—is a "realistic" goal for 2020. West responded by saying "God has made unreal things happen" before then shifting the conversation. He also again threw in more dangerous attempts at demonizing a woman’s right to choose, including comments which aren’t worth repeating here. Shortly after, West alleged that he would become POTUS "in our lifetime."

When asking about aiming for 2024 instead, as well as potentially showing support for Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris, Cannon wondered if West would be happy to see her in the White House. West responded by asking Cannon if such a thing would be "good for Christ," then falsely argued that Democrats aren't allowed to discuss their religious preferences in a public manner.

"When you a Democrat, you not allowed to talk about Christ," West said, despite that not being true. "Republicans are allowed to talk about Christ." West added that one's values will more closely align with those of Republicans "if you're a Christian."

About 25 minutes in, West returned to the apparent struggles of being wealthy, struggles which other bible enthusiasts will surely agree are of the utmost importance amid a pandemic. For example, West laughed about Forbes constituting "some of my favorite white supremacists" when discussing a recent billionaire distinction.

"They cold, bro," West said. "My most favorite white supremacists is Forbes. Because, bro, I just gotta, like, respect. They gangster, bro. They don't live in 2020. They act like it's 1800s, still." Speaking further on this topic, West lamented that Forbes and Bloomberg provided differing estimates on financial matters connected to his businesses.

West also discussed whatever the hell "Plan A" is, pornography, "walking for president" instead of running, how it's apparently God's fault that he stuck with the 2020 plans, and more.

Anyway, the full thing is up top if you must subject yourself to such a thing.