Bryson Tiller continues to emerge from the shadows with the release of his latest single, "Always Forever," on Monday.

Produced by J-Louis, Teddy Walton, and Cameone, Tiller plays with the idea of forever coming to an end by depicting a situation where two lovers' emotions are not on the same page. 

"Wish you had feelings like me," Tiller sings. "Feels like I'm just a homie/Acting like you don't want me... Say you done doing it for me then say 'Bye.'"

Although Tiller seems ready to move on from this one-sided relationship, he goes on to explain that he can't find it within himself to drop his love as easily as his partner dropped her emotions. 

"I tried, I really tired," Tiller continues. "Now you right back on my mind. I feel the time—tick, tick, tick—passing by/I thought this was always and forever so just imagine why would you lie to me, babe?"

"Always Forever" is Tiller continuing to dip his toe back into the scene.

Earlier this month, the singer made his return with the single "Inhale." Tiller first teased "Inhale" three years ago around the release of his sophomore project True to Self. But since then, Tiller has shied away from the public eye, seemingly refusing to release music. But now it appears like Bryson is ready to officially end his hiatus and reward fans for their patience.

Listen to Bryson Tiller's new song "Always Forever" above. He's slated to drop his third studio album in the fall.