RZA and Good Humor—the brand of ice cream known for strawberry shortcake bars and vanilla king cones—have teamed up to create a new ice cream truck jingle since the current popular jingle that most trucks use has a bigoted history.

Called “Turkey in the Straw,” the famous melody “has a problematic history,” RZA explained in an announcement video on Twitter. “We come to find out it has racist roots,” he continued. The song became popular through minstrel shows, “and some adaptations paired it with hateful, racist lyrics.”

RZA and Good Humor got together to “change the dynamics” and create a new ice cream jingle for “a new era.” The new ice cream jingle is an inclusive song that’s made for all communities. The new melody will be available to all ice cream truck drivers in America forever—and for free. The new song will also be included as an industry-standard in ice cream truck music boxes.

“And I can assure you that this one is made with love,” RZA says.