Everyone wants to feel included, and video games are no exception.

The latest addition to the Animal Crossing series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, has drawn tons of fans, and player Taniesha Bracken-Hucks noticed there was a lack of Black/Afro-textured hairstyles to choose from when creating an avatar. This moved her to create a petition in hopes to see some changes. 

"Every person should feel represented when playing a game they love and making their avatar. Ethnic hair styles are often forgotten," Bracken-Hucks wrote before explaining that this is the perfect time for Animal Crossing to show its commitment to all users by fixing this problem. 

"In light of what is happening in America concerning black rights, it would be amazing to have gamers of all races represented on all gaming platforms," she continued. "Let's start with Animal Crossing! Let's create an environment of inclusivity and acceptance in this already amazing game."

Bracken-Hucks even took it upon herself to create potential styles that would fit the game's theme and aesthetic.

So far, the Nintendo-published and -developed game has not responded to the request, but the idea is gaining serious traction. As of Friday, more than 40,000 people have signed Bracken-Hucks' petition, and she's not alone in the fight. Animal Crossing lovers have been looking for inclusivity for a while and have been taking to social media to have their voices heard.