Money doesn't have to change you in order to change the people around you. Meek Mill was reminded of this fact when he discovered one of his relatives recording him during a family argument.

Meek wrote on his Instagram Stories how he was frustrated to discover a member of his family "secretly recording" him during a seemingly private disagreement they were having. "Having a argument with family and saw they was secretly recording me," Meek wrote. "Who you letting hear it? Fame kinda ruined & changed a lil I must admit!"

Artists and celebrities are constantly swarmed by cameras and can have to fight for a shred of privacy, so one can only imagine how disappointing it must be to discover you can't even find a moment without being recorded amongst your own relatives.

Meek has remained busy fighting for judicial rights. Earlier this month, the Philly rapper reportedly helped Juelz Santana get released early from his 27-month sentence. The Dipset rapper left prison on Aug. 5, and sources say Meek connected Santana's wife Kimbella Vanderee with a lawyer who helped them navigate the court process.

Now it appears as though Santana was inspired by the work Meek does and is looking to help others overturn sentences from wrongly convicted crimes.