Buffalo, New York producer DJ Shay, who extensively worked with Griselda Records, has died age 48.

The news was confirmed by Westside Gunn in an Instagram post, and verified by Pitchfork in a statement shared by Griselda. "Your legacy & your impact will transcend the boundaries of time," Griselda Records wrote in a statement. "You are immortalized in our hearts. Rest up King! We love you."

Shay, born Demetrius Chawton Robinson, first started working with Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine in the 2000s. He eventually went on to produce, manage, and record with the group consistently. Speaking about the two in an interview just last month, he remarked that he always knew he "had two of the best rappers in the world."

"U was there EVERY step of the way, It was an honor to help your dream come true for Buffalo Hip Hop, u looked at me and said 'thx to you it’s no more Unsigned city... it’s signed city now,'" wrote Westside Gunn on Instagram. "Your last thing u said to me was when u beat Corona u wanted a Buffalo Kids Chain I pray to GOD he got u Icey bc u are the biggest BUFFALO KID of them All I pray for your family and this is the longest I’ve probably ever cried besides Bacon and ChineGun I’m heart broken, I’m a miss fuckin wit u, wats a GXFR show without the LEGENDARY DJ SHAY."

Benny the Butcher also mourned the loss of Shay via Instagram. "This hurt right here this was my mentor coach father figure all tht I feel like somebody stole something from me," he wrote.

Conway the Machine said that the loss of Shay has left him "so hurt right now." He added, "I been struggling all day trying to understand and grasp all this kind... I'm cryin tears while typing this shit man this is fuckin me up bad."