Swedish R&B newcomer SoLonely is having a stellar year. His recent debut project Still Alone is doing some serious numbers on Spotify, he's released a whole bag of well-received singles and now, with his new offering "Miles Away", he could very well have a serious hit on his hands.

With a hook that's simultaneously soaring yet understated (thanks to production from Jeff 'Gameboii' Roman), "Miles Away" has exactly the kind of disarming charm that's sure to bring him an even wider audience. Hoping to capitalise on that, he's also dropped off some visuals, directed by Yung Lean collaborator Gustav Stegfors, that place the singer/rapper in an abandoned warehouse space that's both eerie and serene while he weighs up the idea of packing up and leaving it all behind.

SoLonely explains: "Music really became my therapist, best friend and shoulder to lean on these past two years. In the last year I haven't released much but I have recorded so many songs. My hard drive is filled with these emotions over beats. It's time to start letting them out."

Speaking on the video, he added, "Shooting the video was very exciting cause we worked with a great designer, director and overall team. I feel like we really nailed the environment we had in mind for the video and every scene has something adventurous or interesting about it. Personally, I feel like this is my best video so far and I'm very thankful for the creation process."