Kyle has finally released his sophomore album See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!! featuring Rico Nasty, Trippie Redd, Bryson Tiller, and several others. This is the west coast rapper's first full-length offering since dropping his debut project Light of Mine in 2018, and a series of EP's in between.

This sophomore album demonstrates Kyle doing what he does best, being himself. Fitting that theme, the cover art is also his senior photo from high school, as he's now living the dream he prophesied for himself all those years ago. Kyle joined Zane Lowe on Apple Music leading up the album's release to talk about the inspiration behind its name and what this project means to him.

"It is crazy. This is everything I felt when I was 17. So my album is called See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!, and the reason it's called See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!! is because that was my for real senior quote," Kyle recounts. "You know what I mean? I was a nerdy 17 year old kid who had no idea how he was going to pop off but I knew I was going to pop. And the soundtrack to that kid walking through those halls in high school … is this."

Kyle goes on to talk about why he wanted "Money Now" featuring Tyga and Johnny Yukon to be the lead single for the album.

"And the lead song, the opening credits …… of the movie of me becoming to an eventual superstar, bruh, is 'Money Now.' Technically speaking you have to scream it. You're not even allowed to just say. You have to be like, 'See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!' You know what I'm saying? You have to really yell. The artwork is just my senior portrait. I'm trying to show kids for real, you can have blind idiot confidence in yourself and this sh-t will still work out. You know what I mean?"

Ahead of his project dropping, Kyle also shared a heartfelt message on Instagram about the journey to get to this point.

Kyle has maintained such a loyal fanbase because of how authentic he is and how that translates through his music. See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!!  feels like it's been a long time coming, for both him and the people who have continued to believe in him.

You can stream Kyle's sophomore album See You When I am Famous!!!!!!!!!!!! below.