Action Bronson is back with his first new release of 2020, "Latin Grammys."

With the type of throwback beat Bronson always thrives over, "Latin Grammys" sees the Queens rapper deliver punchy non-sequiturs and hilarious braggadocio. Referencing everything from Dolph Lundgren to delicious baklava, the song is accompanied by a VIDEO CONNECTION-directed video that sees Action inserted into a bodybuilding competition. Considering he's recently lost 80 pounds, it's a perfect visual to match his first new music since the release of his 2019 Alchemist collab EP Lamb Over Rice.

"This one was meant to be right here. This one was destined to happen since 2012," Bronson told Zane Lowe upon premiering the song on Beats 1. "You know what I mean? It was destiny. So it happened. I know when a song is good if I go over the bridge and I cry when it's on. So I've cried on three different bridges already. George Washington, the Williamsburg, the Triborough. All three bridges, beautiful views. Cry."

As for the lyrical content of the track, Action made sure to highlight that he can, in fact, touch his toes. "I'm lying, I can touch my toes," he said. "I do two hours of stretching a day."

He also said he'd be thrilled to perform at the Latin Grammys one day, explaining that he'd "love" to have a Latin group. "That's why I made this. Bad Bunny, J Balvin. Ozuna- Rodson. Maluma-Bronson. Fat Joe. Everyone. Rosie Perez."

Watch the video for "Latin Grammys" above.