Nashville-based Devin Guisande travelled a long road from his Northern California roots to become Kyd The Band. Raised in a Pentecostal home, he was forbidden to listen to secular music ("I didn’t even know who Kanye West was till I was 18," he says). That all changed when he left the church and started forging his own path, eventually leading him to where he is today.

His current guise as Kyd The Band sees him experiment and have fun with a soulful blend of electronics and indie pop. This year he kicked off a series of releases beginning with Season 1: The Intro and continuing with last month's Season 2: Character Development. Today he presents the visuals for the latter's closing track, "Hard Feelings", a pop epic with bags of chart potential.

Directed by friend and collaborator Garret Hayes, the "Hard Feelings" video is a timely one, following an isolated Guisande as he writes, produces and records the track in lockdown with nothing but his laptop and mic for company. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Devin explained: "Given the situation with social distancing I had to think a little differently when it came to the video for 'Hard Feelings'. There was no cast or crew. My director Garret Hayes and I shot this with just the two of us in the living room of his house, and it's simply a raw capturing of me recording vocals. And for me this is how I record my music 99% of the time, just my laptop and mic set up wherever I'm at."