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Keke Palmer has released the video for her new song “Thick.” In the visual, we see her lounging at home before she goes to the studio and dances with her friend.

Palmer appeared on the latest episode of Complex’s Open Late, where she and Peter Rosenberg discussed her new music. “With ‘Thick’ and with music in general, I just be having fun,” she said.

The pair also spoke about her quarantining in Los Angeles, how she’s adjusting to the pandemic, and her involvement in protesting and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Keke specifically discussed what led to the viral clip of her urging the National Guard to march with her and other protestors in a George Floyd demonstration. She explained that the National Guard was “protecting those buildings. Honestly, I was just overwhelmed with all the feelings and emotions, and it was really just coming from a very genuine, almost childlike place in my mind. I’m like, ‘Why can’t y’all rock out with us?’”

Watch Keke Palmer's video for “Thick” above. The track is available for download here and on her official website.