Fans asked and Ludacris delivered.

At midnight Friday, the ATL rapper unleashed his much-anticipated Lil Wayne collaboration "S.O.T.L. (Silence of the Lambs)." We got our first taste of the Timbaland-produced record over weekend, when Luda shared a snippet during his Instagram Verzuz battle with Nelly.

The song immediately caused a stir, as Luda was heard spitting a number of controversial lines, the most notable of which include a reference to R. Kelly's sexual misconduct allegations: "I love R. Kelly, but around my daughters, I'm not comfortable," he raps in the opening verse. He also included a reference to convicted sexual predator Bill Cosby: "The world's screwed and n***as pourin’ drinks like Bill Huxtable."

Luda addressed the backlash during a video interview with Big Tigger, stating some people had misconstrued the lyrics.

"Sometimes when you speak on records, you speakin’ like it’s just me and you having a conversation as friends. But you just speaking, and just being honest," he said. "I saw that a lot of people kind of misconstrued or didn’t understand what it was that I was saying."

He then asked Big Tigger how he interpreted the lyrics.

"You meant, 'I loved his music … but I'm a father of daughters, and you’re not gonna be around my daughters.'" Tigger said.

"You’re a smart man," Luda replied. "It’s that simple."

"S.O.T.L." is available to stream now on Apple Music.