Lil Baby has released the deluxe version of his sophomore album My Turn.

He announced the album’s impending arrival by dropping the new single and video for “All In.” He released the original version on Feb. 27, which opened at the top spot on the Billboard 200 and landed the rapper his first No. 1 album.

While it appears that Lil Baby recorded the visual for “All In” during quarantine, it looks like he might be getting cabin fever. During an Instagram Live session, he insisted that Quality Control and Capitol/Motown give him $5 million for him to stay in the house.

“I told my label, they need to give me $5 million or I’m going to hustle, fuck it,” he said. “I can’t be sittin’ in no house. I get money. Give me $5 million or I’m doing what I do.”

He then clarified that hustling doesn’t mean engaging in illegal activity—he just wants to money. “Nah, I don't gotta sell no drugs. You know, I just hustle. Ain't gotta be no drugs, just something,” he continued. “I know my label care about me. They don't want me out, got damn, doing no bullshit, so they gon' fuck with me.”

On Monday, Lil Baby made sure his fans knew he was just messing around. “Tell these people it was a joke,” he wrote on his IG Story. “How many 5ms we done ran up.”

Take a listen to the deluxe version of My Turn below. Baby also dropped off the music video for "Emotionally Scarred." Check out the Keemotion-directed video up top.