Westside Gunn revealed on Instagram Sunday just how dire his situation got in the road to recovery from his battle with the coronavirus

Westside never divulged when he tested positive for COVID-19, but said that it took “weeks” for him to fully recover from the virus’ symptoms, which got so bad that when checking into a hospital, he felt like he was “breathing my last breath.” Gunn also said that Sunday marked the first day in a month that he stepped outside, aside from going to the hospital.

“I have a confession to Make I’m a Corona Survivor,” he wrote. “I didn’t want anybody feeling sorry for me I had to thug it out for weeks I didn’t get to see my kids I went to the hospital feeling like I was breathing my last breath the fans and the love I was getting kept me strong.”

Gunn recalls speaking with Fat Joe and hopping on Tidal Check In before being hooked back up to a breathing machine. The latter appearance occurred on April 3. 

Westside couldn’t have overcame the coronavirus at a better time. His latest project Pray for Paris drops on April 17.

Check out his Instagram post in full below.