Asked about his writing process, particularly regarding his typical speed, Abel pointed out that such a thing varies from song to song and project to project. While explaining this, Abel asked interviewer Jem Aswad if he wanted to hear an example of "how insane" he is in terms of writing, an encouraged inquiry that ultimately revealed the litany of iterations of his previous hit "The Hills."

"There are 67 versions of 'The Hills,' arguably one of my biggest songs—sixty-seven!" he said. "I premiered [a demo] at a South by Southwest [party in 2015] as part of the rollout of Beauty Behind the Madness. I played it over the speakers, I was like 'Let's play it, just for fun, to get fans excited.' That version was called ‘Mood Music’— [longtime friend and creative director] Lamar [Taylor] recorded it on his phone, it was a snippet, just half the song. It was posted on Soundcloud and it got the most views SoundCloud had ever seen or something—a shitty phone recording. So then the whole world has that version—but the version I'm still working on in the studio doesn't sound like that version, even though it's the same song."

Ultimately, recreating elements from the SoundCloud upload (i.e. audience noise) proved difficult.