Due to the fact that various examples of insanity have globally put society on an effective pause in recent months, you'd be (mostly) forgiven for briefly forgetting that this year is bringing us something new from Kid Cudi

As a friendly reminder, Cudi hit fans with a quick snippet via his Instagram late Tuesday night:

And while Cudi didn't offer up any specifics in connection with this brief tease, what we do know is in the pipeline for Cudi and company is the impending launch of his multi-medium Entergalactic experience.

On an episode of Complex's Watch Less last year, Kenya Barris—who serves as executive producer for the series portion of Cudi's Entergalactic project—said presumably about as much as he could say regarding what fans can expect.

"It's the craziest thing in terms of TV. It's the most ambitious thing. It also shows who he is as an artist," Barris said at the time, adding that he himself has been "a huge Cudi fan forever."

In the meantime, join other Cudi fans in spinning the back catalog, perhaps even via some livestreaming DJ sessions. Cudi approves: