UPDATE (April 7): Authorities in the Caribbean country of Montserrat, where Black The Ripper had been vacationing since February 25, have confirmed that an autopsy has been ordered after he was found dead in the St. Johns district on April 6.

When local police arrived at the home he had been staying in, he was found motionless and was later pronounced dead at the scene. Police say they carried out a full search of the residence, but the cause of death is still currently unknown.

The Commissioner of Police, Steve Foster, said: "At present, the circumstances of his death is unknown. As a result, the coroner (Chief Magistrate) has ordered a Post Mortem Examination to be conducted on the body of the deceased to determine the cause of death. However, I am unable to say and or give a date at this time of when the autopsy examination will be completed."

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It has today been revealed that Black The Ripper, the British grime and hip-hop veteran, has passed away at the age of 32, The Mirror reports

Born and raised in Edmonton, North London, to Guyanese and Montserratian parents, the artist—born Dean West—was one of the first wave of grime's most revered names, releasing iconic tapes such as Summer Madness, Afro Samurai and Holla Black as far back as 2006. 

More recently, Black The Ripper—who leaves behind a 5-year-old son—had become an advocate of cannabis being legalised in the UK, with his Dank Of England brand (apparel, weed apparatus and more) in high demand across the country.

The cause of his death is currently unknown.

UK music artists, journalists, presenters—everyone from Mahalia and Novelist to Hyperfrank and Poet—paid their respects on Twitter upon hearing the news:

We send our condolences to Black The Ripper's family and friends.

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