Alina Baraz continues to create anticipation for her debut studio album, It Was Divine.

Following the release of "More Than Enough" and the 6lack-assisted "Morocco," Baraz returns with her latest single "Endlessly"—a chill, slowed-down jam produced by Spencer Stewart and DJDS.

"I stay on it/Top it off I guarantee/You done it good as it could ever be," she sings. "You watchin/Give to you you give to me ... You read me like a horoscope/You lean into me like you know/The way to really love/Without me saying so."

You can stream "Endlessly" now on all major platforms and watch its lyric video above. It Was Divine is scheduled drop May 5.

"This album gravitates around love and self. Losing it then finding it," Baraz told Clash magazine about It Was Divine. "A stream of thought, a shift in my perspective. It's learning how to take care of myself. Nourishing what's real. Learning how to let go. Learning how to let love in."