After releasing a handful of left-of-centre pop cuts over the years, gathering momentum with each one, London-based singer-songwriter Orchid is back with new single "Heavy", this time applying her talents to UK garage.

Co-produced with fellow North Londoner Ray Alex between their bedrooms, "Heavy" is a light and airy garage cut that calls back to the sounds golden 2000s era, all while shooting it into the future with some glitchy, futuristic flourishes. Equally, Orchid's vocals tap directly into that same era with sugary melodies that soar and flutter across the bubbly instrumental.

Speaking on the track's UKG influence, Orchid told us: "Garage is a genre that I've always held close to my heart. Always vivid and full of life — I have so many memories — happy and sad; of people and places attached to that UKG sound."

"Heavy" is lifted from Orchid's debut EP Gold Dust, which is released March 27.