A couple of years ago, clubbing heavyweights Dani Murcia, Emily C. Browning, Emmavie Mbongo, Marie Dahlstrom and The Naked Eye came together to form a brand new collective called Her Songs. Their debut release was the five-track Los Angeles EP, which was soon followed by a remix EP and then a couple of singles, "If We Try" and "I Wonder", earlier this year.

Now the collective is back with renewed vigour and news of a new EP, Toronto Vol. 1 — and with that announcement comes the EP's first single "4am Disco". As with its predecessor, "4am Disco" is a relaxed R&B jam simmering with rich, soulful tones and bags of laid-back charm. 

The combined expertise of these five prodigious talents is a match made in heaven. You could be forgiven for thinking that five artists as busy as this lot would have trouble finding time for such a project, but they explained in the announcement that they were able to create four songs in just four days so it looks as if they're only gathering more steam with each passing day.

Speaking on the song, Dani Murcia said: "'4AM Disco' is for when you need an instant pick-me-up. It's the kind of feel good song that you can't help but shake your shoulders too."

Of the EP as a whole, Marie Dahlstrom commented: "Vol. 1 is the first collection of Her Songs Toronto Songs. I think these four songs present our individual artistry so well, and touches down on different topics and moods. From Emily's guitar playing to Dani's and Emmavie's production to Francesca's lyrics. It feels like we captured everyone at their best."

Emmavie continued: "The short turnaround time of each song asked each of us to show up in full everyday and most importantly, allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable, sometimes arresting our own notions of the perfect idea for the greater good of the song. The result, a body of work that explores a variety of sounds, textures, themes and even languages."

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