It's been almost two years since the YGG trio of PK, Lyrical Strally and Saint P released their last track "Strikers", and today they're making their return with "Royals". The 8-bar style riddim from Midlands beatmaker Jhuttz will instantly take you back to Channel U in its prime, with even the hook giving a nod to legendary bar-slinger Royal. This semi-jovial track will make any grime fan over 25 relive their gunfinger days.  

"'Royals' is about our status in the grime scene," YGG tell Complex via email. "We're the ones that gave a spark to grime crews again and nobody's done it since so people either rate us or they hate us. You can't just get into the Royal family; you have to have that status. And when you do, people will try and cling onto your ting, so that's where the bar comes from: 'Their plan gets wrapped in kitchen foil.'"

Listen to YGG's "Royals" exclusively below.

UPDATE (April 1): The official video has just landed.

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