UPDATED Feb. 29, 6:19 p.m. ET: Juicy J shared on Twitter that he spoke with Columbia Records and everything is fine. Does that mean we're getting a new Juicy album this year? You can read it below.

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Juicy J has made his issues with his long-time record label Columbia very public, dropping a diss track to vent his frustrations.

Entitled "Fuk Columbia Records," the diss song's cover art of Prince when he famously wrote "slave" on his face in reference to his issues with Warner Records. "Fuck Columbia Records, tell them bitches count they days," he raps in the first verse. "Since I got all these chains they must think a n***a a slave/They want a n***a that own no masters/They want a n***a that call them master."

The song also samples a speech from Prince, in which he warned young artists against signing record contracts.

Prior to dropping the track, he explained just how annoyed he was in a series of tweets. "Fuk @ColumbiaRecords I'm gonna leak my whole album stay tuned," Juicy J tweeted as the weekend kicked off. "Finna drop a new songs called 'FUK! @ColumbiaRecords' stay tuned. I gave @ColumbiaRecords 20+ years of my life & they treat me like back wash." He then proceeded to tease the diss track with a video of him dancing along to it.

Listen to "Fuk Columbia Records" above.

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