Now that Valentine’s Day is over, Future and Drake are back to business.

On Friday night, the What a Time to Be Alive creators release the official remix for their single “Life Is Good,” tapping DaBaby (who was just named Complex's Best Rapper Alive in 2019) and 2020’s Best Rapper Alive contender Lil Baby.

On the remix, Future replaces Drake’s verse by going over his part of the song. He bares his feelings about love and his family while sprinkling in his signature Pluto boasts. He even calls back to Drake’s “I haven’t done my taxes, I’m too turnt up” line with “After I pay my taxes, I go Richard Mille/In another tax bracket, you niggas beneath me.”

The beat switches for DaBaby and Lil Baby to serve up some impressive rhymes and wordplay, proving they can make any record hotter. But for Lil Baby, this marks another collab with Drake under his belt, previously getting the 6 God on "Yes Indeed" and "Never Recover" off Drip Harder.

All four of them have teased new music in 2020. While fans wait for more info on their respective releases, Lil Baby is right around the corner with his next album, My Turn, set to drop on Feb. 28.