Eminem made a surprise appearance at this year's Academy Awards where he performed "Lose Yourself," which he won the award for Best Original Song in 2003. 

Before taking the stage, Lin-Manuel Miranda introduced a video package of previous winners in the Best Original Song category. It seemed like something was up when there was an extended clip of "Lose Yourself" from the film 8 Mile. Apparently, those in the audience didn't seem to pick up on clues because when Eminem appeared in person, their reaction could be summed up in one word: confusion. Oh, and Martin Scorsese's reaction to the performance was priceless and perfect meme fodder.

After the initial wave of confusion, the crowd fully embraced Eminem's performance. So much so that they gave him a standing ovation. 

After the performance, Eminem took to Twitter to thank the Academy. 

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