Cardi B is putting thieves on blast.

On Tuesday, the rapper posted a video calling out those who stole strippers' money at the Million Dollar Bowl—an annual event hosted by the Quality Control imprint. 

"If you a bitch, and you was gonna steal money from the floor, if you fuckin' ugly as hell and you couldn't work, go get your fuckin' cousin to work, instead of stealing money," Cardi said. "And if you a n***a, and you got on the floor to steal money from these girls? A lot of these girls are moms. A lot of these strippers came here hype, tryin' to dance and shit. But y'all n***as, to steal money off the floor, you automatically got a pussy to me, or your dick is little ..."

Cardi went on to say that she took the situation very seriously because she used to be a dancer. With that said, she did have some constructive criticism for the strippers at the event, claiming they weren't "entertaining" enough.

"I felt like I was obligated to throw money ... It felt like at one point n***as didn't want to throw money because y'all weren't entertaining," she explained. "Y'all was fuckin' standing there like a concert ... but then again, since the money had to be split ... I felt like that's not fair that the bitches that was working their ass off had to split money with y'all fuckin' stank-ass bitches that were just standing there like, 'I don't care. I'm going to get money anyways.' No, that's not how it works."

The event went down at the Miami Dome venue the night after the Super Bowl. QC boss Pierre "Pee" Thomas also addressed the money controversy via social media on Tuesday, stating the label was not responsible for the way the dancers were paid out.

"I personally know a lot of money was thrown between our camp and you all know this," he wrote in an Instagram story. "We don't do contracts with dancers. Sorry for any confusion that went on but that's out of our control." 

Several videos from the Million Dollar Bowl have surfaced online. In a number of clips, you can hear a voice over the speakers telling the dancers not to touch the money that was being thrown. The Shade Room also shared a photo of what appeared to be the dancers' contract, which stated, "Money can only be picked up [sic] club employees (Girls are not paid from that money). All go go dancers are paid a fee."

Cardi echoed Pee's statement, claiming QC had no control over the hiring of the dancers. But she told her followers that the 2021 event would be handled much differently, with QC having more control than the promoters.

"We gonna make sure less than 80 bitches are allowed to work, so everybody can make enough and great money," she said. "We're going to make sure there's more security ... so n***as or bitches won't pick up the fuckin' money from the floor ... We gonna make sure there are less girls, but all them fuckin' girls better dance their ass. And if you're not dancing, you will go home."