In a reflective new interview looking back on his career leading up to the 2019 release of Born 2 Rap, The Game shared a candid recollection of the exact moment he decided to leave Compton and move to the Beverly Hills area of Los Angeles County.

Speaking with Jordan Bassett for the NME cover feature, Game said he was "fuckin' five times platinum" and still getting involved with "shoot-outs" in his neighborhood.

"The thing that changed my life was when a bullet went through my son's car seat and I was just about to go into the house and get him and put him in the car," he said. "A bullet hole was in the car seat where his head would have been. And on that day, I moved out of Compton and got me a condo in Beverly Hills."

Addressing the finality of Born 2 Rap, which includes collabs with 21 Savage and Travis Barker, Game was asked about what it might take to bring him out of his self-imposed retirement period. 

"Maybe an Eminem collab or a JAY-Z collab—either of 'em'd do it for me," he said.

Read the full interview here for additional thoughts from Game on his since-resolved issues with 50 Cent, Wiley and Stormzy, 6ix9ine's ongoing legal situation, and more. 

Ahead of Born 2 Rap's release, Game was a guest on Everyday Struggle for a special ComplexCon-filmed episode. Revisit that here.