The first episode of Justin Bieber’s YouTube docuseries titled Justin Bieber: Seasons, is here.

In the episode, we hear from Justin, Scooter Braun, Hailey Bieber, and others from the pop star's team about the moments leading up to him canceling the last leg of his Purpose Tour, what he did during his break, and how he found his way back to performing and making music, including his forthcoming album.

“I think that being human is challenging for everybody,” Bieber said in the first episode of his docuseries. I think that we’re all struggling to some degree. We all have our individual pains and fears and anxieties, worries.”

His manager, Scooter Braun, gave a bit more insight and background into why Bieber decided to cancel his tour, saying, after the Purpose Tour, Bieber “was tired and said, ‘Look, I need a break again.’ And we took a break, and he’s taken a very long break. In that time, he’s found his wife. He’s grown a lot.” Braun added, “He just wanted to get away and feel normal.”

The 6-month period after his break from the tour was “really tough for him, really dark,” said Ryan Good, the creative director and co-founder of Drew House, Bieber’s clothing line.

Bieber didn’t touch a stage for almost two years. However, last year, he decided to perform “Sorry” during Ariana Grande’s Coachella set, which became a turning point for him. He felt ready to perform and make music again. During the performance, he also made an album announcement.

“My life is changing a lot,” Bieber said in the episode. “Getting married, getting back into the studio… being creative with being in this new chapter and being happy about what I’m doing … being in a good headspace.” He added, “When you are doing what you are good at, like you just feel like you’re where you’re supposed to be. I’m the best in the studio or like on stage than I am anywhere else.”

In July 2017, Bieber canceled the remaining dates of his Purpose World Tour. While initial reports cited “unforeseen circumstances,” it was subsequently rumored that it was for religious reasons, though Bieber denied it. In a heartfelt Instagram note in August, he explained that everything from his “insecurities” to “broken relationships” led to his decision to pull the plug on the remainder of his tour.

Watch the first episode of Justin Bieber: Seasons up top.