The last few weeks have been rough for DaBaby.

The North Carolina rapper was arrested on a battery charge Thursday in Miami, and now the alleged victim is planning to file a lawsuit against him, TMZ reports. The "Suge" rapper took $80 and a credit card, as well as an iPhone, and dumped apple juice on the promoter.

Kenneth, whose last name was not identified, is planning to pursue legal action against everyone involved in the alleged attack. The concert promoter told the media outlet that attorneys have been reaching out to help him after the incident reportedly left him with a series of cuts and bruises.

According to TMZ, the promoter was responsible for organizing a party for another rapper at a Miami nightclub. DaBaby agreed to host the party for $30,000 at a discounted rate, but became irate after Kenneth showed up to the venue with $20,000. The promoter told the rapper that he was going to give him the rest at the end of the night, and that's when things reportedly got violent.

Kenneth told TMZ that he had to go to the doctor for his injuries and still has trouble watching the incident go down. DaBaby and his crew also took the $20,000 after the alleged assault, he claims.

This incident isn't the only problem DaBaby needs to worry about. The 28-year-old rapper also has a warrant for his arrest in Dallas for organized criminal activity after he allegedly attacked an employee at a food stand in the airport.