Lizzo caught eyes when she decided to take a fashion risk at last night's Lakers game.

The entertainer showed up to Staples Center on Sunday in a long t-shirt that was cut in a way that conveniently allowed her to show off her thong. 

"This is how a bad bitch goes to a Lakers game versus Minnesota," Lizzo said, mimicking the viral Nicki Minaj video while also showing off her outfit in the arena's tunnel. "You bitches can't even spell 'Minnesota.'" 

Her antics didn't stop there. During the game, the Laker Girls decided to do a performance to her hit single, "Juice." This prompted Lizzo to leave her courtside seat and add to their routine. When the jumbotron panned to her, she decided to expose her fishnets and black thong by twerking for the cameras. She then sent a shout out to Minnesota's Karl-Anthony Towns.

"I'm personally cheering for No. 32," Lizzo said during a courtside interview with Fox Sports. "That's my guy. That's my baby."

Lizzo's fashion choice (as well as her behavior) set social media on fire and provided a lot of fuel for fans to troll her.

Some social media users have viewed these jokes as fatphobic. In response, they've sent the entertainer positive energy for being comfortable enough to show off her body while condemning trolls.

Additionally, Ari Lennox spoke out against people that tried to use her Soul Train Awards rant to further body shame Lizzo. 

Throughout her controversy, this has still been Lizzo's most commercially successful year. The singer dropped the official video for her popular single, "Good As Hell," on Monday.