Wack 100 sparked controversy when he disputed that the late Nipsey Hussle was a legend. He argued that Nip was on his way to becoming a legend, but he wasn't quite there when he died. This prompted backlash from Nip supporters like T.I., and now, Jim Jones has offered his thoughts on whether Nipsey is a legend or not, too.

"Pac died at 25 it wasn't the old heads that made him a legend it was the generation that was following him," wrote the 43-year-old rapper on Instagram, arguing it is not up to him or anyone else his age to decide who is a legend or not. "I was one of them. He died in 1996 I was 19 so who are we to tell this generation who they make a legend. I see a lot of old heads getting in their feelings lol this is not our generation it's theirs remember that lol." 

Jones didn't specifically call out Wack 100, but he did note that the word means different things to different people. Over the weekend, Wack got involved in some altercation at Rolling Loud L.A., allegedly over his comments. The music industry veteran has since denied that he was knocked out, but video has surfaced online of him causing a scene backstage at the festival.