The East Atlanta Santa takes a trip up North. 

Gucci Mane decided to usher in the upcoming release of East Atlanta Santa 3 by dropping a video for the project's intro track, "Jingle Bales." On this record, Gucci took the family-oriented Christmas carol and turned it into a song about shoveling through another kind of snow. 

"Jingle bells/Bales on the scale/Fish scales same color as (skrt, skrt)," Gucci raps, mimicking the traditional cadence of "Jingle Bells." "Trying to duck the feds/Bust a n***a head/Cause this n***a tried to play with my bread."

In the visual, Guwop walks through the streets of Manhattan in a full-length white mink coat, a lot of jewelry, and a Santa Claus hat. Of course, he's accompanied by a flock of women who are also dressed in Santa outfits. 

As he makes his way through New York, the rapper shows that he's a man of the people as he makes stops to talk and take pictures with fans. In fact, an interaction from this video shoot ended up sparking a viral clip. 

East Atlanta Santa 3 will drop on Friday, arriving just in time for Christmas. Watch the video for "Jingle Bales" above.