Fabolous wants to make it clear: There is no bad blood between him and Shiggy.

The Brooklyn rapper made headlines this week for an Instagram Live broadcast in which he blasted Shiggy for demanding to be paid for a promotional Instagram post. Fab claimed he had asked the comedian to do the #ChoosyChallenge in support of his recent single "Choosy," but Shiggy informed him that he had to receive a check before he posted on social media.

The broadcast also featured Casanova, who went in on Shiggy for having the nerve to ask a friend for pay for a promo, rather than simply doing it as a favor. 

Though it was clear there was no real drama between Shiggy, Casanova, or Fabolous, social media users immediately blasted the latter two for trying to get free support from Shiggy, who makes his money through content creation.

"I saw the internet just had a whole lot of fun with this ... Was it a dull day or something?" Fab said on Ebro in the Morning, while promoting his new project, Summertime Shootout 3

It was also pointed out that Shiggy shared an Instagram story, stating: "I didn't change, I just learned my lesson." Fab said he believes the comedian was just trolling.

"It was all a play to play with Shiggy. Shiggy is a joking person, so you joke back with him. So my joke to him was, this first time I'm seeing him, he was at my show, and just like, 'Wow, look at Shiggy.' So I hit Shiggy just because we was starting the challenge of it and just because I know him personally. We have a cool relationship," Fab explained. "So I was just like, 'Yo man, it'd be cool if you do something for the new joint, for 'Choosy.'' And he's like, 'Yeah, yeah, see if you get me a check or something.'"

Fab said he wasn't offended by the request because he knew that's how social media stars make their money—but that money wasn't going to come from him.

"I don't personally pay people, you know what I'm saying? I even told him like, 'I'mma see if Def Jam can get you a check. Let me figure it out,'" he continued. "... I'm not mad at you gettin' your money. I'm not paying you, but if Def Jam wanna pay you ...

"There is things you do for free. He [initially] did the Drake thing for free," Fab said, referring to Shiggy's viral "In My Feelings" dance. "... The internet made it a big, funny story ... I don't have a problem with anybody gettin' paid."

You can check out Fab's full Hot 97 interview above. He also spoke on hip-hop legends, the way the game has evolved, and his highly publicized domestic assault case.

"My personal life is usually handled inside, you know what I'm sayin'?" he said. "It's not really a public [issue] with opinions and comments and family members involved, and them reacting to everything—that was different."

Fabolous accepted a plea deal this year after he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Emily B. The rapper was accused of hitting the woman and knocking her teeth out, as well as making terroristic threats. As part of his plea deal, Fab was required to complete a pretrial intervention program—usually offered to first-time offenders—as well as remain out of trouble for one year. He went on to reconcile with Emily and her family during his case.

"Publicly, everybody's gonna have their opinions, there's gonna be speculation ... but the clarity I was looking for was inside, more than anything," he said, referring to his loved-ones. "'Cause that's the people I have to deal with every day. Those are the people that I care about, that I love ... that's what I really focused on. I didn't really focus on what was goin' on on the outside. I knew a lot of was spiraling. It's a story, just like we were talkin' about the Shiggy thing. It's a story and people wanna know what's goin' on."

He continued: "I apologize, you know, comin' across in a light that I don't wanna be represented in ... All I can really do is apologize for being in a light that is not showing me in my best self. And that's it."