UPDATED 11/25, 12:20 a.m. ET: It looks like new music is actually coming from Abel Tesfaye and very soon. The Weeknd took to IG to post a blurry pic and write, "the fall starts tomorrow night." 

In the meantime, watch a Mercedes-Benz commercial starring the Weeknd up top. The clip features a portion of the singer's upcoming "Blinding Lights" track. At the end of the ad, a message says that a "full film" will be out on Friday, November 29.

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The Weeknd stirred fan speculation when he reactivated his Instagram account, and now there's even more teases pointing to new music. Not only has Abel reappeared on social media with a cryptic "loading..." bio, but he's also been spotted filming what could be a new music video in Las Vegas.

As TMZ reports, the Weeknd shut down a street in Las Vegas during the early hours of the morning. In a clip, the singer can be seen running down Fremont street alongside a sizeable crew. The sources that provided the clip indicated that it was shot a few weeks back, although it's not clear on the exact time frame.

With the teases mounting up, it would make sense that he's getting ready to debut a cinematic clip for the long-awaited follow-up to My Dear Melancholy

Meanwhile, as pointed out by fans on Reddit, a new song entitled "Blinding Lights" has appeared in Mercedes commercial. The clip prominently features the currently unreleased track and even has a cameo from Abel himself. The preview is mostly instrumental, but it does appear to have a more disco-oriented direction than My Dear Melancholy.

Regardless, fans assumedly won't have to wait much longer to hear more.

Check out the commercial above via a fan's Instagram account.