It can be easy to lose sight of your self-worth when you fall for someone, especially if that person's bad for you. If you're particularly unfortunate, they can use that vulnerability against you; something London-based singer Bad Kid, aka Parisa Louvel, seems acutely aware of on her new single "Hard To Love".

Originally starting life as a poem before she wrapped it up in an '80s-nodding synth pop package, "Hard To Love" follows Louvel, bathed in the video's purple light, as she wakes herself from her rose-tinted fantasy and tries to navigate her way out of a toxic relationship. I break your bed, you break me / you crush me so carefully, she pleads as she wakes up to the true nature of the relationship.

Speaking with Complex via email, Bad Kid said: "'Hard To Love' is a soft boi song. It's about projecting romanticism on to a relationship that was toxic. Instigated by someone who manipulates you emotionally into believing they love you but the reality is they never see your worth, but you're so manipulated that you still want their approval."