"Devil in a New Dress" got its roses once again with the ninth anniversary of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy this past week. It has also become the source of contention between two well-known producers.

Mike Dean spent the anniversary telling followers that he was instrumental in making the revamped "Devil in a New Dress," which includes the lengthy guitar solo section and Rick Ross' verse.

Bink disagreed with Dean's recollection. The producer claimed that Dean was merely a "musician" on the track and that the section he created was based on existing parts of the instrumental.

Bink has been connected to some of Kanye West's finest moments; they both landed production credits on JAY-Z's 2001 classic The Blueprint. Bink appears to feel like his contributions to the track have been missing from history.

"To all these stupid ass platforms that left me out of my record for the 9th year in a row! No excuse," he said in another tweet.

Bink previously spoke about "Devil in a New Dress" in a prior interview with DJ Booth, where he explained that he wasn't even aware that the song released as a part of Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Fridays (sans that solo).

"They didn't call it ‘Devil In A New Dress’ at the time they called it something else. It was called ‘Magic Hour,’" Bink said. "So when "Devil In A New Dress’ came out, I didn't know anything about that.”

On the other hand, Dean is credited as the song's associate performer, mixer, guitarist, and pianist. 

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