Chance the Rapper stopped by the Staples Center on Wednesday to watch the Clippers play the Milwaukee Bucks, and he hung around after to hop on the court himself. In a video provided to TMZ, Chance made it clear he probably should stick with rapping.

Chano missed 11 shots in a row in the clip, as an onlooker berated him for his performance. 

He did land himself at least one 3-pointer, but that didn't stop fans from clowning him for his form.

Chance playfully joined in on Twitter, admitting he's not a big baller. "I know my follow thru was huff but that catch and shoot was wet," he tweeted. "plus im out here gettin that business advice from Rich Paul."

Recently, Chance shared the video for his standout The Big Day track "Hot Shower," which features DaBaby and MadeinTYO. Directed by Reel Goats, the visual offered an opportunity for the three rappers to show off their goofier side, while Jake Johnson and Kel Mitchell showed up for cameos.

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