The food at Kanye West's Sunday Service event on Friday did not come as advertised. After images of the lacklustre $55 "Brunchella" went viral, some people blamed Kanye. But on Monday, the catering company that provided the meals stepped in to absolve the rapper.

Lauryn's Fine Catering, who supplied the food for West's event in Baton Rouge, released a statement to TMZ in which it explained that the mishap was an isolated event that was not reflective of Lauryn's Fine Catering or of Kanye himself. "The catering company acknowledges it did not provide adequate food for ONE attendee and a social media post went viral," the company said. "Kanye West and the Sunday Service collective should be disassociated with such claims surrounding the food at the event." There is also footage of other attendees enjoying the brunch.

After the image of a plate of bacon, sausage, and pancakes went viral on social media, many blamed West for the fiasco. 

Initially, it was reported that proceeds from the $55 brunch went ot the Bethany Church. The church also distanced itself from the food that was provided "A rep from Bethany tells us that while the event did happen outside of Bethany Church, Bethany only supplied the location, nothing else," TMZ reported.