Tawasa Harris, an ex-girlfriend of Cam'ron's who he had begun dating once again last year, has reportedly passed away. This gone-too-soon death reportedly occurred after the two rekindled their romance roughly a year-and-a-half ago following a lengthy hiatus apart.

On Monday evening, Cam took to his Instagram to thank people who have offered him their condolences during this time, while also correcting reports that incorrectly stated that the deceased was the mother of his son (whom he says is fine). He also shared that the period in which he and Harris were together was "the best time of my life." 

"She was the person I spent 3-4 nights a week with," he wrote. "[T]he person I spoke to on the phone with 7-8 times a day, the person I fell asleep on the phone with, the person I spent all summer with, the person that I was planning thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and our birthdays with, the person who put me on to hi-end fashion, my biggest supporter, the person that wouldn’t let u talk about me while she was around, I could go on and on..but..this was really the love of my life!!"

He stated that the loss proved that he was not, as he previously believed, "numb to death." And he also said that he opted to keep the relationship private, and that the decision to do that has been validated by poor media coverage of her death.

With that in mind, it seems better to just read what he wrote about her on his Instagram on Monday: