Trinidad James has returned with a striking video for his menacing new song, "Ugly."

The stark, black-and-white video makes for suitable Halloween viewing, with James himself in some bizarre prosthetics. Directed by Mike Marasco, the video shows the rapper and Full Size Run co-host sporting his horror influences on his sleeve. The distinctively Halloween-themed hijinx come to an end near the end, however, when a police officer shoots a child. "Nobody wins when kids die," the video reminds viewers.

"‘U Gotta Love Ya$elF’ is an acronym of my truth. I’ve been through a lot," Trinidad James said of the newly released song. "An ‘UGLY’ path indeed, but when I look back, the things I got clowned for are the things that made me successful. I don't ever want to be ashamed of that again. Sonically, ‘UGLY’ is one of the hardest beats coming out of 2019. I bet the house on that." 

Watch the video for "Ugly" above, and make sure to check out Trinidad James on Full Size Run here.