Self-styled queen of soul, Teeah is back with a new single that should put some fire in your belly. "Zengeh", we're told, is defined as an intense physical and emotional pleasure at its apex, and it couldn't be more fitting for this new collaboration with Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie. A smouldering blend of Afrobeats and Afro-house rhythms with passionately soulful vocals from Teeah and some scorching bars from Sarkodie, "Zengeh" is a red hot banger that should be reserved only for the late nights.

Speaking with Complex via email, Teeah told us: "I love 'love' and that's what I try to explore with 'Zengeh'. In its purest form, love is a connection that can be physical yet passionate. The world can sometimes miss the true feeling of love because these days, it's all rushed rather than enjoyed. 'Zen-Geh' — the word alone is passionate enough, and I want listeners to feel passionate about passion when they are listening to it, in all in cultural expression through sound and rhythm."

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